Welcome to Queen Ave!

Be sure to check this page for updates on Queen Ave's progress. The new team is hard at work getting up to code, obtaining all required permits, and taking care of some renovations within the space.

  • Update #2

    Thanks to a little help from our neighbor Kyle (Villain Place) and our new friend Stevie (StevieDoesLife), we were able to get the majority of the walls in the main venue space painted! We only have a few more walls that need a fresh coat of paint, and some detailing to do, but it’s all coming together rather nicely. As you can see, we’ve decided on a few of our favorite murals to keep around. Once all the painting is done, we’ll begin building the platform for the stage.

    P.S. Don’t those green floors look FRESH?!

  • Update #1

    We’ve emptied the main venue space to prep for a new coat of paint on the floors. We’re lucky to have a landlord who is being proactive about helping us create a new, clean slate for Queen Ave. Once the floors here (and in the front room) are painted and epoxied, we’ll be beginning the process of repainting the walls. Don’t worry! We’re planning on keeping some of the current installations as well as adding some new ones in. We’ll also use this time to build a stage and a sound booth, and maybe a few other things… who knows? All we know is… 2017 is going to ROCK!