Welcome to Queen Ave!

Be sure to check this page for updates on Queen Ave's progress. The new team is hard at work getting up to code, obtaining all required permits, and taking care of some renovations within the space.

  • Update #5


    We know it’s been a while since our last update. (And progress has been made since this last picture.) This summer brought some crazy times for our small team… Molly’s life was overshadowed by the total solar eclipse, Rachel started a new full-time gig, and Arthur started full-time at his current job. We lost contact with our contractor for a little bit, but things are starting to get back on track. Bathroom progress has already begun; we’ve found steel frames for the steel doors we need at the entrance; and soon we’ll start building that performance platform.

    We’re getting there, friends. Stick with us… it’ll be worth the wait. Learn more about what needs to get done»